Frank Abbott

From Here to the End of My Garden


Artists Statement

I perform with simple domestic equipment. Chopping and slicing devices, slide projectors, surveillance cameras and cardboard boxes have all featured in recent presentations. What fascinates me is the relationship between the technology I am surrounded with every day and my own ways of thinking and acting. Basing performances around processes like how ideas develop and the function of memory in our understanding of space, I approach work through the construction of humorous and idiosyncratic events. I share my observations with an audience by engaging them in dramatic and fragmented narratives and surprising them with interventions into public spaces. My work references popular forms like the cookery demonstration, a gymnastic display or a powerpoint lecture, but take it off in a different direction. I am interested in this re-purposing. I use my presentations to attempt to release domestic equipment from its burden of purpose and see another beauty in it.

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Previous work

Displace (2000) Commissioned performance and live web cast for Eastern Arts Wide and Dangerous Conference on Digital Arts, Richard Attenborough Centre, Leicester.

Alexanderplatz (2001) Live performance and web cast from Trampoline, Broadway Media Centre, Nottingham, UK

Dyson with Death, Taking off & Bouncing Back (2003) Commissioned performances at Trampoline at the Prater Volksbühne, Berlin, Germany.

Shinjuku Theft (2005) Performance at Traversing Territories at 'Superdeluxe' Tokyo, Japan. 

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