Trampoline Night - 12.10.06 HAU2


Spring Time 1 - Steffi Weismann

From Here To The End Of My Garden - Frank Abbott

Otjesd - Clemens v. Wedemeyer

State of Translocality - Wind & Ferreira

Beta Test - George Drivas

Live Concert - Heidi Mortenson

Dune & Devil

Panorama Roma - Zimmer frei

ZX A-Team - James Johnson-Perkins

Trampoline - Platform for New Media Art during 'First Play Berlin'

Thursday 12th October 2006
Hebbel am Ufer

Trampoline, the platform for new media art, opens FIRST PLAY BERLIN and brings together 30 artists to explore the theme of mixed reality from different perspectives. Fusing video, installation and live performance, Trampoline offers a packed evening of media art entertainment to celebrate the launch of the FIRST PLAY BERLIN artworks. The finale will be a live concert by Heidi Mortenson.

Archive of Translocality – Enter Now explores a consciousness that overcomes national borders in order to find its home in the in-between-spaces and transition areas. Bettina Wind and Alexandra Ferreira use their performance installation to comment on our time of increasing mobility and shift of national identity: translocality.

Otjesd, Clemens von Wedemeyer’s film, paints a scenario which pinpoints exactly this transition from one realm to another – one country to another, but also that point where reality and fiction have become indiscernible. In Otjesd, borders blur and the linear disposition of space has been dissolved.

«• » is a media experiment exploring a space and timebased communication tool which allows two individuals, Dune & Devil, to synchronise themselves communicatively and geographically in different urban situations – Tokyo and Vienna. The result is a sociographic disposition of a mixed reality observed through the interface of

Spring-time 1 sees Steffi Weismann explore our relationship to our bodies in the digital age through three phenomena: "City-Hopping", fitness-mania and allergies. By jumping on a sensor-equipped trampoline she triggers a number of sound samples. Her control over the samples is restricted by physical exhaustion; her body cannot compete with the precision of a computer. A dialogue between human and machine develops, characterized by endurance and lightness, fun and torture, absurd humour and neo-dada.

Masswalk Paradox by Alan Peacock is an exercise in remote choreography and shared, negotiated experience. On the Trampoline night (12.10.06), a group of people willing to share this experience will leave the venue for 20min, equipped with audio players and headphones. All they will all have in common is the MP3 file with the choreographer’s instructions. By pressing “play” at the same time, they will be instructed how to move – how many steps to take and in which direction to turn.

If you would like to take part in Masswalk: Paradox, please come to Trampoline at 8pm on Oct 12th. You can borrow an MP3 player there or bring your own. If you do have your own player, please download the file here and follow the instructions here.

Panorama_Roma by ZimmerFrei inverts our normal chrono-spatial coordinates. In Rome's Piazza del Popolo a camera makes a 360 degree movement around its own axis, capturing the city's busy life. The footage is compressed to create an extraordinary flux of time. The resulting film discovers strange narcoleptic beings who live, watch and sleep in the architecture and launch encoded signals. Performers act in a parallel, temporal landscape in the condition of permanence, somewhere between vision and warning.

Seidesein by daytar (Tim Nikolai Hoffmann and Nadja Kutz) is an interactive environment, which explores communication in virtual 3D space. Embedding the user’s image in a veil-like mirror on screen, Seidesein offers the exploration of nonhaptic touch in a virtual environment. The fluidity of the veil-like image evokes associations of silk and water.

Vida en otro lado by Julia Lazarus is the portrait of a settlement in the direct proximity of the american-mexican border, which, shaped by the babylonian bustle of its inhabitants, spreads across several hills. Its spontaneous development allows for the survival of free spaces and creates a vivid counterdraft to the manipulative interventions by urban management and housing development on the other side of the border. But it also shows the necessity of union amongst the people, who want to accomplish their life independently in an impassable territory. (music by Robert Henke)

Full Programme:

Frank Abbott - From Here To The End of My Garden
Steffi Weismann - Spring Time 1
Bettina Wind / Alexandra Ferreira - The State of Translocality – Enter now!

Alan Peacock - Masswalk Paradox

Paul Grimmer - Safe Passage
Daytar (Nadja Kutz+ Tim Nikolai Hoffmann) - Seidesein
Aram Bartholl - First Person Shooter

Live Music
Heidi Mortenson

Dune and Devil

Video work
Julia Lazarus - Vida En Otro Lado
James Johnson Perkins - ZX A-Team
Nicole Blaffert & Frank Wamhof - Your World Is So Far From The One I Know
Zimmer frei - Panorama Roma
Miss Pui Lee - Heaven
Veit Landwehr - Web land/Saariselkä
Suzanne Caines - I Don't Even Try
Clemens von Wedemeyer - Otjesd
Clemens von Wedemeyer - The Making of Otjesd
Dorcas Müller - Photonen-Tunnel gibt es schon lange
Jan Steinum - Leaving
Karina Griffith - Marker
George Drivas - Beta Test
Erik Olofsen - In Places
Joe Duffy - Block
Ginny Reed - Small Bang
Perry Bard - Traffic


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