Active Ingredient



Artists Statement

“If digital creativity interests you in the slightest and you get to see work by Active Ingredient, I recommend you take it…” Platform Magazine, 13th November 2000

Active Ingredient is a group of three people who create artworks combining everything from household chemistry to emerging technologies. We are constantly looking for ways to unlock everyday magic from the rigid systems of new media. Our artwork explores the relationship between real and imaginary digital spaces and identifies ways to create meaningful interactions between the two. Our work has taken the form of internet seances, participatory community projects, large-scale installation work, computer and mobile games, devised performance and projections. Our research has involved web-controlled robotics, live streaming media, artificial intelligence and locative and pervasive technology, interactive video and computer gaming.

Recent Work

Afterhours - a city centre bar monitored using CCTV

Dreaming of the Future – an artists’ residency at Cambridge University Press

Ere be Dragons (2005) - an exploration of our physiological and psychological response to our environment.
Love City (2006) - a game/artwork which uses acts of love as the catalyst of game play.  


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