Performing Space Residency

July 2008


Schloss Bröllin


Presentation Simon Faithfull


In preparation of an international touring exhibition project, Trampoline curators Miles Chalcraft and Anette Schäfer invited a group of artists to a short residency at Schloß Bröllin in the middle of the countryside between Berlin and Poland.

Exploring how the notion of space has changed in our networked, increasingly mediated world, reflecting upon the relationship between real and virtual and the hybrid spaces emerging from there, each individual artist came up with a new concept for the Performing Space project to be realised in 2009.

Participating artists:

Frank Abbott (UK)

Aram Bartholl (DE)

Heath Bunting (UK)

Simon Faithfull (UK/DE)

Folke Köbberling und Martin Kaltwasser (DE)

Plan b (Sophia New & Dan Belasco Rogers) (UK/DE)

Esther Polak (NL)

Michelle Teran (CAN/DE)

Joanna Warsza (PL)


other participants:

Miles Chalcraft

Matt Davenport

Jennifer Davy

Janos Erdmann

Anette Schäfer

Mirjam Struppek

Kuba Szreder

Hilde Tuinstra










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